Department of Economic Development and Planning


Department of Economic Development and Planning

Chair of the Department: Dr.  Seyed Kamal Sadeghi

Department Faculty

Seyed Kamal Sadeghi

Parviz Mohammadzadeh

Davod Behbudi

Reza Ranjpour

Mohsen Pourebadollahan Kovich

Elham Nobahar

Bachelor's Program

The bachelor's Program is a four-year degree program. Students enroll in bachelor's programs directly after high school. The programs leading to B.A in Economics combine modern economic theories with technical economics to prepare students for quantitative research skills and critical thinking abilities. Our students undertake a range of courses and research projects to learn values and skills necessary to engage effectively with the economic challenges and issues we face. This program consists of courses that are require good knowledge of mathematics.

Field of Study:


Master's Program

The master's Program is a two-year degree program. This program prepares the students to take a job in private or public sector or to continue their studies toward PhD.

Fields of Study:

Economic Development and Planning

Planning of Economic Systems

Energy Economics

Urban Economics

Ph.D. Program

The Ph.D. program is a full time program leading to a Ph.D. Degree in Economics.  Students specialize in various fields within Economics by enrolling in field courses and attending field specific seminars. 

Fields of Study:

Urban and Regional Economics

Environmental and Natural Resource Economics

Development Economics

Industrial Organization

Islamic economics

Institutional Economics


Last Update At : 14 June 2021