Economical science


Chair of the Department: Dr Zahra karimi tekanlo

The programs leading to B.A. in Business Economics combine modern economic theories with technical economics to prepare students for quantitative research skills and critical thinking abilities. Graduate programs aim to educate students to enable them to conduct independent researches. That is why, our undergraduate students are well admitted in graduate programs and our graduate students find jobs in academia or in public and private sectors.


The candidate for a PhD degree may specialized in the following fields: International Economics, Monetary Economics, Islamic Economics, Public Economics, and Econometrics.

Students at this department learn about microeconomics, macroeconomics, international economics, money and banking, statistics and econometrics, financial markets, stock exchange and investment, marketing, insurance, industrial organisation, Iranian economy, and agricultural economics.   


Our graduates are able, amongst many, to work in the following fields:

·       analysing the Iranian economy

·       export and import sectors

·       economic assessment of projects

·       financial markets and stock exchange

·       insurance

·       business sectors


Last Update At : 04 April 2023