"There is not any good or bad manager, only we have educated or non-educated ones"

Chair of the Department: Dr Mohammad Faryabi

Established in 2012, department of management is the leading business department in northwestern Iran. Department of management aims at preparing future leaders and managers for businesses with developing capabilities and perspectives in students that market demands. The short term vision of the department is to be among the first five business departments in Iran and regarding long term objectives, being an internationally known business school and an academic and empirically active center for prospective business leaders and experts are being pursued.  Currently the department has 6 faculty members with diverse concentrations as Strategic Management, Accounting, Marketing, Operations Management and Human Resource Management.

There are programs at bachelors and masters level and launching PhD is in progress. More than 200 students mostly at graduate level are currently studying in the department in the following programs:

·       Tourism Management (Bachelors)

·       Master of Business Administration (MBA) in:

o   Strategy

o   Marketing

o   Finance

o   Supply Chain and Operations Management

o   Information Systems Management

                                    o  Master of Art in Business Management

                                    o Master of Art in Change Management

Along with academic activities, the department of management strives to promote its collaboration with organizations by providing customized workshops, consulting and executive research projects which aim at delivering solutions to the community in general and businesses in specific. Some areas are:

·                   Strategy development and Execution

·                   Organizing and Reengineering

·                   Sale, Marketing and Branding

·                   Investing in Stock Exchange

·                    Financial Analysis

·                    Operations and Process Management

·                    Recruitment and Performance Management

·                    Organizational Change and Development

·                    Project management and Portfolio Shaping

·                    Improving Supply Chain performance

·                    Decision Making Modeling


Last Update At : 04 April 2023